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Fragrant Tablet Pack x5

Fragrant Tablet Pack x5

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Our fragrant tablet pack ensures your car smells divine, enhancing every journey.

Versatile fragrance options: Choose from Jasmine, Rose, Ocean, Osmanthus, Lemon, Cologne, Lavender for personalized scent.
Easy replacement system: Convenient fragrant tablet packs for quick and hassle-free scent refreshment.
Gender-Neutral appeal: Designed for both men and women, this air freshener enhances any vehicle's interior.
Compact and portable: Lightweight and space-saving, perfect for on-the-go fragrance maintenance.
Value pack: Each package includes 5 pieces for long-lasting freshness.

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Long-Lasting Freshness

Enjoy uninterrupted freshness with versatile scents. Keep your car smelling great, trip after trip, with our 5-piece Fragrant Tablet Pack.

Effortless Refresh

Replace and refresh effortlessly with our easy-to-use fragrant tablets. Convenient and quick, perfect for busy lifestyles and fresh-smelling journeys.

Perfectly Portable

Compact and travel-ready, our fragrant tablets offer on-the-go scent maintenance. Enjoy a fresh-smelling car anywhere, anytime with our lightweight pack.